Brett Williams School of Golf

"More Than a Game"

Brett Williams School of Golf is located in Cypress, Texas and is dedicated to improving people's golf games through one-on-one instruction.  We are open to all levels as well as ages! 


School of Golf Veterans*

*Students that have 1+ years experience at BWSOG


Will Gibb

Will is a very dedicated student. He is a freshman in high school and is trying to make the golf team. Although he was unsuccessful this season, he is still new to the game (having less than a year experience), and I have no doubt that he will have the overall game to accomplish his goal next season.  

Will has already made great strides in his abilities since he came to me in November, having shot progressively better scores in each of our most recent playing lessons. 

I expect big things in the future from Will!

Adelaide 1st place.jpg

Adelaide Roberts

Adelaide is one of my most energetic students. She's only 8 years old, and recently won 1st place medalist in her most recent STPGA event. Having taught Adelaide for almost a year now, I can say that there will be many more 1st place medals in her future.


Jerry Villacorta

Jerry is likely my most dedicated student. He spends countless hours on the range working on his game, and it shows.  I've been working with him since last summer, and he's gone from not being able to shoot under 120, to 102, 98, 96, 100 in his last four high school tournaments. More improvements to come!